Your Oklahoma Elder Law Attorney

You can count on the team at Rischard and Associates, PLLC  to handle your legal matters. We have been helping families and individuals navigate the complex legal world for more than a quarter century.

  Call and make an appointment with me if you are concerned about:

•  Nursing Home Planning. I know paying for nursing homes can be stressful;

• Fiduciary litigation for Family Wills and Trusts;

• Having a a customized Estate Plan in place;

Preparing for the challenges that accompany growing older. I changed the focus of my law practice to Elder Law to let you know what to expect, how to plan, and what government assets are available.

My firm presents free workshops for seniors and their adult children, covering information on wills and trusts, estate planning, and Medicaid asset protection.

Click here to find out about the workshops >>

Your Oklahoma City attorney for Elder Law, Trusts, and Estate Planning

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