Preventing and avoiding litigation can provide a substantial savings of time, money and emotional energy. At Rischard & Carsey, PLLC we take great satisfaction in creating litigation prevention and avoidance plans on behalf of our clients to minimize costly lawsuits. Examples of areas in which we have developed such plans for our clients include:

  • Business dispute counseling
  • Contractual and business document interpretation and construction
  • Contract negotiations
  • Rights and obligations regarding insurance policies

What types of strategies and tactics can we employ to avoid litigation? Here is a partial list:

  • Reviewing contracts and making changes that can avoid future litigation
  • Training project managers and supervisors in the types of actions and behaviors that can lead to litigation
  • Holding regular management meetings to discuss ways to avoid claims
  • Closely reviewing current and future projects
  • Providing a detailed analysis of the costs associated with litigation and the benefits of avoiding it

Contact us today to learn more about how our Oklahoma City litigation avoidance attorneys can help you prevent costly litigation in the future.